Visiting With My Grandchild

Every April I look forward to a visit from my daughter and my grandson (we call him G), they live in New Jersey.  I look forward to this visit because I don’t get to see him on a weekly or even monthly basis because they live in New Jersey, so time is more precious when he’s here.  G is a real hoot!  He gets up at 6:30 every morning and doesn’t stop until bedtime. Each day is an adventure, as he discovers the world around him.  My house is in the country so there is room to run and romp and places where bugs and worms hide.  There’s plenty of dirt on the ground to play with trucks, cars, and trains and take imaginary trips to far off places.


The park down the street has trails and cool stuff to play on.  This year he is big enough to play soccer with his uncle and mom.  G is full of questions.  I have forgotten how curious children are at that age.  G is our little shadow, he follows his uncle, mom, or myself around the house.  This visit we went to the farmer’s market and he got to try blue popcorn and thought it was cool when his lips and tongue turned blue!  G has a great imagination as he plays “car wash” with grandma (that would be me).

This week was Easter week and we had a family get together at my son and daughter-in-law’s house and we celebrated my daughter’s birthday.  G helped to blow out the candles.

I love to watch his face as he smiles and laughs. It’s so contagious you can’t help but laugh with him.  I love when he whispers in my ear, “Grandma, can we go for ice cream so I can get sprinkles?”  he thinks mom doesn’t hear him but she does of course! Since he’s visiting with grandma my daughter says, “You’re the grandma, go for it!” and I do.  After all, I only get to spoil him maybe three times a year.

There are little things G does that trigger memories of my own children, little mannerisms unique in each of my children I now see in G.  It’s like a big circle, or maybe it’s a continuous line that goes on and on and never ends.  When I look at G, I see hope, love, and a bright future, I see me, my children, the past, present, and future.  He has a great mom and dad who look out for him and make sure he’s safe and encourage him to explore the world around him.

However, I have to chuckle when my daughter disciplines G.  Watching the interaction between the two, both stubborn, it’s like looking at myself as I disciplined my own children!  Karma does exist!!  How many readers relate as you watch your own children discipline their children?  I swear there are days I wake up and look in the mirror and think, “I’m turning into my mother” or “I’m turning into my father”  which is it?  Well, that depends on the day, doesn’t it?

Grandchildren are a gift and I relish my gift every time he visits.




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