Update on Hobby Greenhouse

Spring Has Sprung and So Have My Plants

I am so excited!  My herbs have taken root and my spinach and kale are growing, finally!  I have never grown kale or spinach before so I’m excited to see them as they grow will they survive in the cedar planters.  The herbs I’m not too worried about, but this is the first time I’ve actually grown them from seeds.  Since I use the standing cedar planters year after year, I added extra dirt and bone meal for green leafy vegetables as well as manure.

I have to admit I love spring, summer and fall.  There is never a dull moment for me.  I am outside every day checking on the plants and working in the soil.  This year I am designing the landscape in the backyard with more plants and want to design the area around the hobby greenhouse.  I’ve been looking at pictures on different web sites to get some ideas and I’ve pretty much figured out what I want to do.  I also want to add more flowers to the deck.  I want a variety of different plants to create a space to unwind and relax while enjoying nature.

A friend recently shared her design using succulents in and outside of the house.  Note that succulents and cactus are not the same.  Succulents are plants that store water in their stems, roots, and leaves. There are about 60 different plant families within the group of succulents, including aloe, haworthia, sedum, sempervivum, and of course, cacti. Cacti are fleshy plants that store water, making them part of this group. Therefore, all cacti are succulents

I found a wholesaler, Mountain Crest Crest Gardens. (I have provided the link for your convenience if you would like to do a little shopping – I am not affiliated).  Since I’m new to growing succulents, I decided to order sets of plants to begin with and research how to plant them using different types of succulents to create colorful designs.  If you order from Mountain Gardens, they offer a reward program.  I like that I can collect points and use them for my next purchase.

Herbs Galore!

We made a trip to our local garden shop and bought some pea gravel to use in the bottom of each pot because some pots do not have drainage.  Be careful, to avoid root rot do not over-water the plants, something I am guilty of.  I am attaching a video in case anyone is interested in learning more such as how to measure pots, which is the best pot for a succulent and how many to plant in one pot.


Raspberry Bushes

I planted Raspberry bushes last year and this year there are baby Raspberry plants!!  I can already taste the Raspberry jam, yum.  Next week I will be visiting a nearby greenhouse to purchase starter vegetable plants.  Time to pinch back unwanted slug stems from the Raspberry plants and add more bone meal to the soil along with manure.  Tomatoes, green beans and Zucchini is on the list.  Last year I had enough Zucchini left over I was able to freeze shredded Zucchini and use it to make Zucchini bread during the winter.   After I plant the vegetables and determine how much space I have left, I may add baby eggplant.  Not many people are familiar with the taste but it’s very versatile and fits in many different recipes.  

Which reminds me, my next post is going to be a recipe for Zucchini Casserole, so easy to make, it only took me 35 minutes to put it all together.



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