Unsubscribe Me, Please!

Unsubscribe Me!

Happy day after Labor Day, or almost.  I cooked a lot over the weekend.  I should say I did a lot of preserving this weekend and very little creative cooking.  Fear not, I will be back at it this week sharing some yummy new recipes.

We all have email; right?  I happened to have a couple of email addresses.  Inevitably, and I wish I knew how, you begin to accumulate and encounter “spam” emails.  I’m beginning to think that I’m being spied upon.   Every time I click on a product or link to find out more information, boom!  There it is in my Facebook feed and my email!  What the heck, guys, is  nothing private?

I use Google Gmail for my accounts, I’ve been using Gmail for years.  If I look hard enough, I can usually bind the “unsubscribe” link buried at the bottom of the email.  I may have unsubscribed several times to the same spam email and continue to receive them.  It’s so irritating!   

There are actually a couple of ways to handle spam. 

Problem Solving

When you open your email, at the very top you should see an exclamation point (!), when you highlight it says “report spam”.  Now I can’t really say that it gets reported because I certainly don’t see any changes.  But what does happen is that email from that sender automatically goes into a folder called, you got it, “spam“.  Alrighty then.  Kind of aggravating still because then your spam folder is filled up within days with hundreds of emails, and if you forget to delete them you could end up with thousands!

There’s another way, though.  Open up the email and click on the three dots to the extreme right for “more” and there are a bunch of options, such as the pictures attached to this page.  I can tell you from experience that the “Report…” does not help eliminate the spam.  You want to “Filter messages like this“.  Verify the sender’s email address is displayed in the From field in the filter creation box and fill out the information.  There are several choices you can make from there.  After you click “create filter“, whatever your choice was will be executed.

Be careful when opening your browser.  You may notice from the left top of the browser screen it’s asking for your geographic location and wanting to know if you will allow it or block it.  If you are tooling around, let’s say, Amazon or Wal-Mart online, by not blocking your location you open yourself to more spam.


If the steps above are too complicated, there is always a tool called, you got it, “unenroll.me“.  

Unroll.Me is an email tool that helps you manage you subscriptions by allowing you to unsubscribe and/or bundle the ones you want to keep together in one “daily roll up” email. The tool accesses your email inbox and makes everything possible with just a few clicks. The main features include:
  • Automatic unsubscribing
  • Your unsubscribed list
  • Your daily rollup

After giving the unenroll.me access to my google account it scanned my email and found 243 subscriptions!  I was able to bundle my other accounts from Twitter and Facebook.  Awesome!  I can control all my spam subscriptions from one little program and unsubscribe all at once!  Go ahead give it a try.  It’s like the DO NOT CALL list of the internet!



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