The Nose, Knows

The Nose, Knows

The times in childhood that you remember…does your nose remember too? Studies say the nose, knows.

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It’s really cute, I give my son something new. Usually, in the form of begging him to try a new food. The first thing he does is put the item up to his nose and smell it. I think to myself, okay…that makes sense. Our olfaction methods have always been a secondary to sight and audio, however; we still use our noses to connect variations of things we like. Think of walking into a meadow, or onto the beach. I use these two scenes as examples because most humans can identify with one, or the other. 

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The scent of mountain air or breeze of the ocean automatically triggers something that calms us. The sight of something so vast, accompanied by the scent of the air and elements all around are what makes the scene so surreal. Scents have such a psychological reaction to the vast majority of people, that millions of dollars are spent making variations of “spring fresh” and “evergreen” that are packed into bottles and tinctures for people to put out in various places to make people feel good

I have memories of the beach from when I was little. If I let myself, I can go back to these places that made me happy as a child. Places I feel so connected to that I can recall the smell of the air even though I haven’t visited the place in 25 years.  Same goes with the scent of my mother. I remember smelling her clothes as a little girl. She wore Giorgio Red and all of her clothes smelled like her. I forever know that scent as my mom

I wonder if you took a second, especially when you are going through a bad moment. Bring yourself back to one of the most favorite places or moments you have stored in your memory bank. Can you smell the air? Bring yourself back into the moment and see if you can remember how ‘it’ smelled. Remember the small details of the moment. Remember the feeling of the air touching your skin. Think of the colors of the view. Try and remember every detail. Stay in the memory moment for as long as you can. 

Congratulations! You just meditated.



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