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Hobby Garden Green House

Spring is here!  Last year I purchased a hobby greenhouse.  I canned vegetables, something I did a very long time ago when my kids were very young and I had more energy.  Last summer I made raspberry, blueberry and strawberry jam.  I forgot how much fun it is to watch the process of growing your own food and reaping the benefits by preserving and canning the fruits of your labor.  Last year we put up a Hobby Garden greenhouse.  This summer will be the first full summer growing our own vegetables and herbs.  I’ve been collecting pictures of hobby greenhouses for ideas and placements of plants.  Here is what I decided.  Inside the greenhouse I will plant spinach and kale. You can see from the pictures below that I have two above the ground cedar planters.  Excellent power food used in cooking one bowl dishes and protein drinks.  

I have a large deck in the backyard and I want to grow different flower types and I’ve collected clay pots to place around the deck. I plan on painting the pots with decorative colors, adding color to the deck. I love to sit on the deck in the summer, especially in the early morning hours when it’s quiet, with a cup of coffee.  That is my time to think and plan my day before I begin work.  It’s also a great gathering place for company when hosting a barbecue.

I purchased seeds for fresh herbs; parsley, oregano, basil and cilantro to spice up my cooking.  In the back of the greenhouse, we are getting ready to expand the garden and plow.  Last year I planted raspberry bushes.  So far, they have held up through the winter and I’ve been working the dirt around and feeding the roots. All of the bushes have little buds on them already! Once we finish, we will plant sweet peppers, green beans, summer squash and probably a couple of tomato plants for good measure.  I visit the farmer’s market in August to get the bulk of my tomatoes for canning.  Last year I canned stewed tomatoes, this year I will make sauce and extra stewed tomatoes.

Gardening has been an on again, off again hobby.  When I lived in Florida, I tried to garden but the soil is mostly sand.  When I was young, I spent my summer months at my grandparent’s house, they lived on a farm.  A great place to run around and explore and learn about farm life. I learned how to garden, raise chickens, can, bake bread, my grandmother used to say baking bread was a must for every young woman to know. I continued to garden and can because I thought my kids would enjoy it the same way I did.  I wasn’t so lucky, it was tug and pull to get anyone to help pull the weeds and hoe the garden.  August until October was busy time canning.

I appreciate Mother Earth and the therapeutic benefit when I feel the dirt between my fingers, planting seeds and watching them grow. Children today don’t know what they’re missing.  I’m so thankful I had that time with my grandparents.  They immigrated from Sicily in the early 1930’s and brought with them their culture, cooking and their way of life, something I would have never known had I not spent that time with them.  Eventually, I went to Sicily and saw for myself.  I met cousins and extended family and had a great time exploring the little town we were visiting. 

As my garden grows, I will post pictures as the plants and herbs grow.  I hope that you will enjoy this journey with me….  

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