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I was born in Fairbanks, Alaska.  My father was in the Air Force and after they were married, my mother followed my father to Eielson Air Force Base.  We lived there until I was approximately 3 years old.  I have little memory, except for old photos of my father and myself.  From the photographs, the landscape is beautiful, and if you enjoy the outdoors, all the more to visit.  Although, I think I’ll forego visiting in the winter.

I spent most of childhood and adult living in Michigan, known for its beautiful scenery.  We went up North often in the summer.  The kids enjoyed swimming, fishing and building sand castles.  Those were good times!

It wasn’t until years later that I thought about retirement (my 40’s) and I was tired of the winters in Michigan.  They were pretty harsh and since I was still working, the thought of a sunshine and beaches grabbed my attention instead of snow and slush, so I started researching Florida.  At that time I was an official court reporter, working civil and criminal cases.  I located a big court reporting firm in Florida and flew down and interviewed.  They hired me and off I went , two of my children eventually followed.  I’ve never been afraid or apprehensive to pick up roots and travel, life should be lived, not restricting ourselves to one place and never venturing out of our comfort zone.

Florida was a culture shock!  I didn’t think about insurance rates, food prices, transient residents flocking to the warm weather in the winter months to avoid the brutal cold from up North.  Court reporting was the worst!  Long hours in court, especially if we were in a trial.  And stress, Florida is a capital punishment state.  I was pretty much working ALL the time either court reporting or preparing transcripts.

This grew old fast.  Down time was few and far between.  Florida’s grid was different than Michigan (I was always lost) until I figured out north and south were streets and east and west were avenues.  (Or is it the reverse?)   Housing was outrageous and insurance rates were crazy.  Friends were hard to come by, as soon as you became friends they moved.  The beaches were beautiful, but crowded.  There were little shops (I love to explore) and restaurants and plenty of places to visit (if I had time).

A job opportunity presented itself in Colorado, so I took it.  Seemed like the thing to do at this point in my life.  I transitioned from court reporting to providing captions.  I  loved it!  No expedited transcripts, no attorneys yelling at each other, no late nights in court and better yet, no scary looking criminals Planning an escape.  My condo looked out over the Rocky Mountains, a view I will never forget.  Walking proved difficult at first because we were so far above sea level, I would get short of breath fast, but the landscape was serene.

After a year I missed Florida and moved back.  I now worked remotely from my home providing captions as an independent contractor.  I thought this is where I wanted to be, but my family was back in Michigan and I missed them.  I wanted to live out in the country and be near my eldest son and wife, and not too far away from my daughter in New Jersey.  I started planning for my move and flew up to stay with my son and scheduled 8 showings in one weekend.  (Exhausting).  I found a house situated on a quarter acre of land!  My house in Florida sold pretty quick, I was lucky because it helped coordinate the move.

To sum up, don’t be like me (seriously)  It’s okay to pick up and move but make sure you have a plan.  Check housing, food price index, insurance, (car and home), weather (hurricanes and tornado prone).  If you are moving away from family, make sure that is what you really want to do.  Moving from state to state is expensive and very stressful and even more stressful if you are along.

The Universe has blessed and cooperated with my visions, I can live anywhere because I work remotely.  My travel days have just begun….

If you are interested in moving, I’ve included links that may be helpful in your decision-making.  Happy trails!

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