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I have been looking for  some ideas for my own garden and I ran across “My Garden” which is very inspirational and is along the lines of what I’ve been looking for.  

Garden Ideas

I love looking at different blogs, they contain so much information it’s like having the ability to pick from different walks of life.  I ran across the blog, “May Garden…” and wanted to post so  everyone gets the idea of how I want to design my backyard.  Since “My Garden..” is mostly complete, I thought it would be interesting to see how it looks from start to finish as I continue to post my progress. There is so much a person can do to improve a garden and grow beautiful plants and shrubs, not to mention gardening designs so that others can compare their ideas and elaborate for in their own design process.  


Many of you have asked that I show you pictures of my yard, but since our house is on a fairly large lot, the flowerbeds are scattered here, there, and everywhere. So it’s really hard to get all of them in in only one or two photos. Thus all I can offer are some photos […]

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