Medicare and You – Open Enrollment is Here

Open enrollment for Medicare 2019 is here, have you done your due diligence and reviewed your health coverage?

Decisions, decisions!  

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HMO’s are not for me, I don’t want some doctor with their own agenda to tell me who I can and can’t see.  I know PPO’s cost more but isn’t it worth it?  Who knows your body better than you; right?

The referral process takes weeks if you have to see a different doctor for a specific problem.  Here is a for instance.  I have back problems and need to see an orthopedic doctor.  I am in extreme pain.  I have to wait for my family doctor to refer me to the orthopedic doctor and then I have to wait for the orthopedic doctor to have an opening for the referral.  The process takes a month!  In the meantime, I’m in pain.  And guess what?  Nobody cares, it’s not their body.

I’ve said it before, our healthcare system is broken, and because it is broken, we need to be our own health care advocates.  The first step is to understand how your health insurance works, and if it is not working, now is the time to change plans.  Knowing how your insurance works eliminates unexpected bills.    

There are preventative services available under the Affordable Health Care Act, check into them.  Take control of your health by maintaining your own records so if you decide to change doctors, your records are available immediately.


Which Insurance Policy Do I Choose?

Are you computer literate?  Navigate your way to and create your profile.  Once you have created your profile, you can add all of your prescription medications.  I suggest that you take the time to do this.  The site has your medicare information stored for easy access.  Here you will find updates and newsletters that may be of benefit to you. 

You will also find a button to find different healthcare plans, and you are able to compare plans with the plan you currently have.  The window for open enrollment is October 15 through December 7 and new coverage will begin January 1.  Plenty of time to select a new primary care doctor.

Choosing a new plan can be overwhelming, I share this because I am overwhelmed!  PPO’s, HMO’s, terms I’m not familiar with.  This year I opted for help from an expert in the insurance field, someone who examines my current policy, listens to my needs and compares plans for me.  I can ask my questions and get clear and concise answers and make an informed decision about the future of my healthcare needs.  Way to go me!

Another program which may be of assistance is SHIP, a volunteer will help you navigate Medicare plans based on the state you live in.

I’ve included some helpful links within this post so you are able to do your own due diligence and make an informed decision.  Of course, if you are happy with your policy, you don’t need to do anything.  

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