Is It Simple Math or The Keto Diet?

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It’s been about three months since I cut down on my carb intake.  I have to admit at first I was surprised, I lost a total of 20 pounds in two weeks!  I did experience the “Keto flu”, which was awful!  Then I got the funny taste in my mouth, nothing tasted good. I lasted a month before I reassessed.  

If you eat food that turns into sugar, you are going to feel bad and gain weight.  Understanding how your body processes foods is what it boils down to.

When I was younger, my body processed food differently.  The word “diet” was not in my vocabulary.  In fact, I had terrible eating habits!  I had three small children, worked a full-time job and was attending college.  I was so busy I was dizzy!  Plus, I was a single mom.  I was on super overdrive at that point in my life. 

My breakfast consisted of a couple brownies, a lot of coffee and a smoke.  Yuck!  I was a slim 110 pounds.  


If I ate like that today, I’d be sicker than a rabid dog.  They didn’t teach us about nutrition in school. I watched my mom, my grandmother and aunts make dinner.  Every meal consisted of bread, vegetables, a tossed salad, meat and potato.  And, of course, we had to clean our plates at every meal.

It wasn’t until my last surgery that I ballooned to a whopping 180 pounds.  Now, that may not sound overly obese, but for my 5′-4″ frame it was.  I was on a myriad of medications to control my blood pressure and high cholesterol.  Add depression to the mix and add another pill.

Is it beginning to sound familiar?  

Personally, I don’t think much of our doctors.  It’s so easy to say “here, if your blood pressure is high, we’ll put you on this pill“.  Or, “you’re depressed, take this“.  We never get to the root of the problem.  And for some of us, we like to eat.  I’m a stress eater.  I had to identify my problem first before I could fix it.  I knew I couldn’t get rid of all the stress in my life, but could learn to manage it.  It’s all about perception.  Control what I can and let go what I can’t.

I couldn’t maintain the Keto lifestyle.  My last blood test showed a hike in my cholesterol.  Keto was not a long-term solution for me.

Intermittent fasting

So I researched intermittent fasting.  This I could do.  How does it work?  I fast 16 hours and then I have an 8 hour window where I can eat pretty much what I want.  That doesn’t mean you can stuff your face eat.  I eat low carb, about 100 a day, and I don’t eat junk or processed foods.  I’m still losing weight, just not as fast.  It’s a very slow process, but I’m not going anywhere and it’s okay.  Slow is better.

Here’s my take-away.  We eat too much food.  I didn’t really get it until I actually started calculating each piece of food that went into my mouth.  I was stunned!  It adds up.  No wonder I put on so much weight.  A person can easily consume in excess of 2500 calories in one meal.  Think about it.  If you are eating 2500 calories a meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks… well, you do the math.

Naturally, cutting calories you will lose weight. Eat right and cut out the junk food, you will lose weight.  Stop drinking soda and drink water or tea, you will lose weight.  

Everyone is Keto crazy! Before making a decision to a lifestyle change, and it is a lifestyle change, try eating less and eating healthy.  You will see a big change in your weight and you will feel better.  A pill isn’t going to fix anything, it’s a band-aid.  And if you change the way you eat, it must be a lifestyle change, otherwise don’t bother.  It’s a commitment to yourself to live a long, healthy life.  And who doesn’t want that?

Bad Habits

Keep busy, get a hobby.  Watching T.V. isn’t a hobby.  It’s an easy way to occupy you mind.  That’s when we grab that bag of chips or Doritos and mindlessly eat our way until the end of the show. Force yourself to move!  Walk, climb stairs.  Go on an adventure.Exercising

Get yourself a treadmill if you don’t want to walk outside in the cold weather and use it.  If you are 65 or older, don’t stop moving!  If we don’t use our muscles, we lose them, they get weak.  You want to keep moving as long as you can breathe.

What I have noticed is less inflammation.  I can move without a lot of pain!  I was ready to accept the pain and just go with it.  My hair, nails and skin look healthy.  My GERD is under control.  Blood pressure is normal.  I have lots of energy!  These changes don’t happen all at once, it’s a gradual change, but you will notice them.

We must be our own health advocates.  Often your treating doctor has their own agenda for your treatment.  Most doctors only spend a total of 15 minutes, if you one of the lucky ones, talking and listening to your complaints.  They don’t know you like you know yourself.  There’s nothing wrong with researching healthy alternatives to pills to control weight and inflammation in our bodies.  

If you would like to learn more about intermittent fasting, I’ve attached a video for beginners.


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