How My Garden Does Grow!

Update – My Garden Project

I can’t believe it’s June 1st!  I wanted to share an update on my garden project this year.  The raspberry bushes are growing and spreading rapidly, there’s a bunch of baby raspberry bushes.  We went out and purchased a couple of trellises at our local garden center so the plants can climb and not drop to the ground. 

The deck is full of herbs and succulents!  We wanted to save space on our deck so we bought a vertical planter so we could more flowers and succulents.  The pictures below shows that there is plenty of room for herbs and flowers.  I am looking for trailing plants, I think they look like waterfalls, and found some at Mountain Crest Gardens, click the link if you are curious about succulent plants or would like to get some ideas of your own.  (I am not a representative of Mountain Gardens – link provided for your convenience).

I have a large backyard and there are plenty of gnats and mosquitoes, very pesky little bugs.  Here’s a list of plants that repel the bugs:

  • Basil. You can keep basil in pots to repel insects or make it into a repellent spray. 
  • Lavender. Place dried lavender is bundles to keep flies out of your home. 
  • Lemon grass. 
  • Lemon thyme. 
  • Mint. 
  • Rosemary.

There may be more.  I’m missing Lemon thyme, Lemon grass and Lavender.  I did plant marigolds alongside the deck.  They are stinky flowers but so far they are keeping the mosquitoes at bay. I love the smell of Lemon grass.  Many of these herbs are used in essential oils, some have healing properties and can be infused in tea or cold infusion method.  Mint infusions help digestive problems and adding peppermint gives a cooling effect to the digestive system.  Both peppermint and mint help ease  nausea.  

How to Infuse

Fill a 32 ounce jar with cold water and put at least 1 ounce of herbs in a cheesecloth or a tea bag.  You may want to “muddle” the herbs beforehand to release some of the oils.  You can buy organic tea bags at your local grocery store or order online.  Seal the jar overnight, at least 8 to 12 hours in the refrigerator.  If you like a stronger taste add more herbs.  I ran across a short video that included recipes using citrus fruits and cold water and by adding peppermint and/or mint you’ve got a tasty drink filled with vitamins from citrus fruit  and nutrients from the herbs.  

The basic ingredients are:  

  • fruit — 2 cups berries, citrus, melons, pineapple…most fruits will work (see recommended amounts in directions)
  • herbs — a sprig of mint, basil, sage, rosemary, tarragon, thyme, or lavender
  • water (tap or filtered)
  • ice

Use your imagination and go wild!







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