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I have never had a hobby in my 65 years. I’ve always been too busy with work or school, so I never really thought about what I was good at.  My daughter-in-law is a wonder, she loves to make handcrafted purses and needlepoint.  Even painting!  Whatever she decides to create it looks professional.  Frankly, I’m a little jealous 🙂


I did take up target shooting this year, it’s a wonderful stress reliever.  I took a conceal carry class and got my conceal carry license.  I know there are many issues about gun control in the news lately with all of the shootings and it’s a hot topic.  I actually like shooting at a target, it challenging hitting the little bulls eye time after time.  My son and I try to go at least once a week.  Of course, he always hit the bulls eye and mine spray right around the bulls eye.  He’s also ex-Army, so he has a little practice (well, a lot of practice).  It’s hard to find the right gun, it has to fit your hand and you have to feel like you are in control, like target shooting.  I was always afraid of guns, but after the class, which was educational, I’m more afraid of people with guns that aren’t trained.  So concentrating on that bulls eye actually keeps me from thinking about what I have to do on my list “of things to do”.  


The other day I was looking outside, there was fresh fallen snow on the ground.  In my backyard stands a bare tree with buds and it was full of beautiful baby cardinals, beautiful red cardinals.  I thought to myself “if I had a camera, this would be a picture worth hanging”.  How many times do we see nature and want to capture the moment?  The other day as I was coming home from my cousin’s house, I live in the country, very old trees lined the road, uniquely shaped waiting for spring to bloom.  As I passed each tree, I had an urge to stop and take a picture, but I don’t have a camera!  The ability to capture a point in time forever appeals to me.  I’ve got pictures of my grandparents on both sides of the family from the 1930’s!  As I look at each picture, I imagine myself in that time at that place that was so simple and organic.  I want to be able to capture the here and now in a meaningful way for my children and grandchildren so they, too, can feel the moment.


I’ve always been able to draw, although not well, but like anything you have to practice.  So I am practicing noses and lips, eyes and hands, cartoons.  It’s actually fun as your imagination creates a picture on a piece of paper. Drawing expresses thoughts and feelings.  Drawings can be funny, expressive, beautiful landscapes, or simply something that you imagine.  If people didn’t imagine, where would we be?  No skyscrapers, no bridges, no cars or boats.  A person had to imagine what these would look like, and with every passing year someone else imagines and improves drawings that move us all into the future.  Some day cars will fly and we will live in the sky instead of on the ground, like “The Jetsons”.  Yes, I used to watch “The Jetsons” on Saturday mornings.  How many LA65’ers remember them?  I even remember the jingle.  "The Jetsons"

I’m a true believer whatever your hobby, you should create a space that is yours so to create and think, or just be.  Sometimes I like to just be.  So that’s what I did.  I purchased this little drawing desk from Amazon and it tilts so I don’t bend over for long periods of time hurting my neck and back.  It has a little stool and some drawers for my supplies and is located in a very quiet part of the house.  Pintrest has lots of drawing resources.  Who knew drawing could be this fun?


Yes, adult coloring books!  Who knew!  The last time I colored in a book was when my grandson was visiting and we colored in a Transformers color book.  It was fun to just concentrate on the different colors as we filled in the figures.  I don’t know about you, but Amazon has just about everything.  In fact, I’m at that age where I don’t like crowds much, so as much as I can, I order on line.  The books aren’t that expensive, either.  Color me calm  😆 

I am cutting back on work and I’m not the type of person who watches T.V. all day long, I like to keep the brain cells active.  I don’t think I’ve ever had this much fun thinking about fun stuff to do, my days were filled with what to cook for dinner, grocery shopping, wash, cleaning and general day to day duties of a mom.  I think I’m going to like this next chapter.  


Who doesn’t like to garden?  Well, maybe some don’t.  But I do!  I like to watch herbs and vegetables grow and ripen.  I invested in a little backyard greenBackyard Greenhousehouse.  I can’t wait to get in there and start planning what I will grow.  Working out in the yard is good for the soul and  great exercise.  It’s fun to look at different garden designs.  Google is my friend!  I have a huge backyard and my son and I work together during the summer – he does the heavy lifting – as we bounce ideas off each other.  He does a wonderful job each year with upkeep and planting and design.  I do love fresh herbs and vegetables.  At the end of the summer I can tomatoes and green beans.  I may expand this year and add another vegetable.  Fresh jellies and jams taste great in the winter.


Now that I’ve shared my plans, perhaps you want to share yours.  Have you retired yet?  How do you plan to keep busy?

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