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As seniors age, as the baby boomer generation ages, they may find they have a little more leisure time time on their hands after retirement than planned for. Why not think about volunteer work? The kids are out of the house and the grandkids may be older doing their own things. Volunteer work may be a good opportunity to socialize and communicate with other peers. 

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The amount of knowledge and experience seniors have is tremendous! I think of it as this never ending web of experiences and interactions circling around in this compact database named “Brain“. Volunteer programs involving surrogate grandmothering have become a wonderful asset for families all across the Country.  Serving food to housebound seniors is also an amazing way to utilize a couple of free hours and a car. for the more adventurous senior, volunteer opportunities abroad may be a better choice! Not only would the senior be able to share knowledge, they would also gain cultural merit while embedded into the location they’re serving. 

Studies have been published linking daily psychical and mental activities with longevity after retirement. Some volunteer organizations offer room and board paid for a trade of a person’s time. The benefits from utilizing both time and experiences by a committed volunteer is so invaluable. The senior wants to be there. They want to put in the work and effort. They want to make change or impact a community. There are so many projects out there who could benefit from just  a couple local volunteers. It all depends if someone would want to make an impact in their community; like volunteering for a local religious organization or homeless shelter. Or, does the senior want to make impact in a totally different environment or Country. Regardless of which, the opportunities are out there. 

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I always encourage seniors to keep active for as long as they can. Albeit paid work, or volunteer work. A senior can benefit from continued socialization and activities. 



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