Getting “It” Together

Let’s Get Together

People are always talking about getting it together. Whatever “it” is.

They want to get all of it together. 

I write about my son a lot because I think he is a good teacher. He teaches me about the things that should be important to me. I’m still trying to work on the balance of being a mommy, a wife, an employee, an out-of-state daughter and enjoying personal hobbies. It seems we don’t lose the desire to do things as we age. It is more just a shift in priorities. 

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I know! I know…how can a five-year old teach you things?

Well, let me elaborate.

If you have kids, remember when they were little beings and just forming their personalities? Remember when they thought the world of the smallest moments? Things like beaming lights and shadows, fireworks and little bugs crawling on the ground. Those moments are so huge to them, and for some reason once we grow up many of us lose the magic of those moments. I don’t know when it happened, but I too lost the excitement of small things as I grew older. Maybe it’s the everyday in’s and out’s of adulthood. But becoming a mommy rekindled my appreciation of the little things. I also started to care less about fitting into “it” boxes and labels that I am expected to spend time molding myself into. 

NO Thanks!

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Once my son was born, all we could think of was his safety and his needs. We put him before us, because that’s what you do. Right?

There wasn’t much time to enjoy every moment; though everyone we came across told us “that it would go by so fast.” Those interactions feel like yesterday. We just celebrated his fifth birthday this past weekend. Those five years went by lighting fast!

Now, we’re getting ready for the end of summer and fall activities into the New Year.

What’s your point, Andy?

My point is this: we’re always getting “it” together. We’re always preparing for the next “thing”. We do it partly because we feel obligated, but mainly because it keeps us connected with loved ones. It keeps the kids and grandkids around. It creates traditions that young generations will pass onto their children. We are living in a global environment where generations are living further and further away from one another. Yet, we are still creating and defining cultural traditions in this modern environment. If you can do it, try to make the time to be there for the big events of people you care about. Try to get it together and plan a trip to experience more small things. I guarantee the little things are what will be remembered and talked about for decades later. 



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