Generation Rut – Adult Children Living with Boomer Parents

Adult Children Living with Boomer Parents

How did we get here…??? If you find yourself asking this question recently about an adult age child living at home; please read on. 

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Are we living in a generational rut? The 30-year-old who was recently kicked out of his parents’ house by court order is pretty fascinating. The parents are boomers and let their 30-year-old son live with them room and board free for eight years. He doesn’t seem to be a boomerang kid, because he only left once. 

So what’s the deal!?!?

In a short summary, the guy has been living with his parents for most of his adult life. He is 30 years old, and is being labeled as a millennial, even though he says he is too conservative to be part of “them”. Unfortunately, the long-term living situation didn’t work out as planned for him, and the parents took things to the local county supreme court to get their son evicted out of their house. Yes, they evicted him. The parents were fed up!

Over time, the parents tirelessly offered numerous scenarios trying to encourage him to find residence elsewhere. They even tried to buy him out by offering a nice lump sum of money to help secure an apartment. He didn’t take the bait. Somehow, through the progression of this locally published story, a restaurant company got wind of what was happening and gave him an offer to train and work at any one of their NYC restaurants. Alex Jones had him on his show, and gave him a nice chunk of money to help him move out of his parents house. It gets better.

He says he’s a business owner, of an unknown internet business, and he is also a father who lost custody of his child recently…which, he believes began the eviction and court process. Fair enough, a child is the greatest responsibility of all time. Maybe, the parents felt they would have a second chance. Maybe, they wanted the son there because they knew the child would be subject to poor living conditions otherwise. You know, joblessness…homelessness…instability all make raising a child pretty hard. Who knows! This wasn’t even touched on in all of the stories.    

Living on your own as a young adult definitely comes with ups and downs. There are credit card situations. Feeding yourself situations. Finding reasonable, varmint free, accommodations to hang your hat situations. It takes so much work. But, we do it anyway in order to get ahead. Fake it until you make it and all of that. But, what is making it? I imagine it all depends on location, cultural norms, and family ties.

Making It looks differently for everyone. Some think making it is putting on a suit and tie, and working on Wall Street. Some think making it is project management, IT, handy work or carpentry. Some think it’s roaming the earth to find some version of the holy grail. Regardless, I’ve concluded it’s a combination of the proverbial cards that are dealt and recognizing opportunity. Or, at least taking note when the opportunity presents itself. The timing needs to be there. The person has to see it, and not be afraid to lean into it. 

What if the person can’t see the opportunity, or thinks it will come to them without putting in the time or effort? That is a very easy answer, they will most likely end up on their parents’ couch for eight years about to be evicted. 

I have no idea how this person got the initial fifteen minutes of fame, and I am not knocking it if he can ride the wave. Who knows maybe he’ll be able to begin a independent life for he and his child. I know for a fact there are many boomers and millennials who are in the very same situation.  

To be continued…







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