Book Review: “Embraced By the Light”

“Embraced By the Light”

 Have you wondered where we go when we die?  I have, and more so lately since the loss of my mother and cousin.  Questions like “will I see my mom again?”  “Where is she?” “Is she finally with my dad?” Thoughts and more thoughts as I ask the question out loud to the universe.  

I believe spirits are among us, spirits who don’t know move on, tied to this realm unable to let go.  We live with the inevitable truth beyond our control, we are all going to die and we are not in control of when or how.  I often think when I pray, “How can one God listen to billions of prayers asking for help?”  It seems a bit much, doesn’t it?

My cousin recommended the book, “Embraced By the Light“, written by Betty Eadie who shares with clear recollection her experience of her journey to death and back.  I read the book and would like to share my thoughts.

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The year is 1973 and Betty is married with eight children.  Betty was raised on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in Rapid City, North Dakota.  Her mother was Lakota Sioux and her father Scots-Irish.  She speaks of God in her childhood and of fearing Him.  She was raised during a time in which religious institutions taught fire and brimstone instead of love and forgiveness.  Needless to say, Betty had always feared God and His retribution for any shortcomings she may have had during her lifetime.  I can relate to her story.  Back in the ’60’s my parents sent me to Catholic school.  I remember the rulers and paddles for misbehaving.  I remember being told that if I committed a sin God would punish me.  When I became an adult and able to make my own decisions I grew away from Catholicism and became a Christian. 

Betty recalls the moment she died and left her body.  She says it felt like a release, a “pop”, as her spirit was being drawn out from her chest and free of her body.  As she looked around the room she saw her still body laying on the hospital bed, she was not afraid because she felt no pain only freedom.  It dawned on her she had died and no one knew.  Before moving on, three men appear by her side described as “men in brown robes with gold braided belts tied about the waist with the ends hanging down.” She senses they are older than 80 or 90, ancient in fact.  When they speak to her, it is not as you and I speak but a feeling , and they tell her they have been with her for “eternities“.

This chapter gives me pause because I recall my mother’s final days before her death.  My sister and I were in her room when she lifted her head from the bed and asked us “Do you see it?”  We looked at each other and we asked her “What are you looking at?”  She said, “The beautiful flowers, the colors, so beautiful”.  She called my name and said that someone with gray hair was standing behind me and she went on to describe the entity.   I know that she was waiting for my dad to come and accompany her through her transition.

The next chapter describes a “tunnel”, but not a tunnel of light, a tunnel of darkness, of calm and peaceful darkness.  She travels through the tunnel toward a light emanating from the end and the closer she gets, the becomes brighter, until she sees a man with light encircling him as if it were a halo.  She knows this was the Savior, God, Jesus Christ and she feels his unconditional love for her.  He tells her it is not her time, her purpose, her “mission” in life had not yet been completed.

As she travels, meeting different of energy, she learns she has known them all for eternities!  Can you imagine?  She calls it the “pre-mortal world”, before we chose to be born.  Betty has many questions of God which he answers.  One question she asks is: “Why didn’t God give us only one church, one pure religion?”  His answer was, “All religions on earth are necessary because there are people who need what they teach.”  This made perfect sense to me as I read on.  She explains we are to live by faith and not by sight and each of us has a part to play on earth, a mission to accomplish.  It could be for only a fleeting moment in the womb of a mother before a fetus is aborted, or the body of a challenged individual such as an autistic child.

Betty describes guides who share with her “spiritual development” when the heavens are scrolled back and she sees earth, with the focus on a street corner in a large city.  One guide asks her what she sees and she responds, “A drunken bum lying in his wallow”.  Responding, the guide shares with her who he really is.  He came to earth as a teacher to help a friend he had spiritually bonded with.  His friend was an attorney.  The drunk has no recollection of this agreement made with his spiritual friend.  However, his purpose was to be a reminder to his friend, the attorney, of the needs of others.  Seeing the drunk would spark him to do more good for those who needed help.  The drunk sacrificed his time on earth for the benefit of another. 

That made me think of the times I’ve seen people on the sidewalk, homeless, dirty, downtrodden.  How many people pass by before one stops to help?  I admit, some I have passed and others I have helped.  I don’t know why I chose to help one and not the other.   It’s a feeling I get inside when I look into their eyes.  This analogy made sense to me, I could relate on another level.

One act of kindness causes a ripple effect passed from person to person.  This also works in reverse, an act of selfishness, being hurtful to another is passed to another and to another.  Be positive, invite positive into your life and you will be surrounded by positive.  Be negative, put those vibrations into the universe and you will receive negative back.  We are surrounded by both positive and negative, we make the choices.  It took me a long time to learn this lesson.  I was perceived as a very negative person in my youth.

It is not our place to judge others or question their circumstances in life.  Only God can judge.  I know this.  We are different souls coming from all walks of life.  The message is abundantly clear, love one another.  Let God into your life and His will be done.   Yes, we have free will, however, we have no control over birth or death.  Between the time of birth and death, we have choices that we make and I believe we are meant to learn from those choices.

Stories I have read and heard, while unique on its own merit, describes life after death, it’s the feeling of being loved and surrounded by loved ones.  When I think about these stories of near death experiences, I wonder, could it be we are so far away from God, Jesus, today these souls are allowed to come back and share their stories to give us hope for those that do not believe or are unsure?  Another lesson I have learned is gratitude, being grateful for what I have, for my family, for my life.  Thinking about what you don’t have or want sends negative vibrations.

“Embraced By the Light” is a good read.  I would definitely recommend the book to anyone needing inspiration and positive reinforcement of the universe we live in.


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