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(Technical Writer and Publication Manager)

Army Veteran specializing in meaningful and accurate content development for consumers and users to use products and services. Diversified background across many industries with a passion for attaining knowledge about technology, healthy lifestyle, and behavioral psychology.


Contributing author Andy Drenz, M.P.H. specializes in aging and senior services for under-served populations. She currently works in local government as a public health planner for one of the most diverse communities in the State of New Jersey. Her passion for public service is beyond her 9-5 job. She makes it a point to focus on best practices in and out of the workplace. She’s a community advocate for social services as well as a huge supporter of long-term community based programs. Here, she will focus on aging across a lifespan, caregiving, and planning. She will be highlighting the steps individuals and their families can begin now in order to to help with life’s inevitable transitions later down the line. She also is living with Multiple Sclerosis and may or may not mention her neurologically challenged experiences. 


Director of Resources for caption company in Wisconsin. On-line course creator using Moodle platform to train boradcast captioners.

Former Court Reporter, now CART and caption provider.Associate’s in Paralegal studies.Is passionate about providing captions for the Deaf and hard of hearing.
Experience as an LMT and nail technician and passionate about health and well-being.

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